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2018 Fort Myers Foodie Fest
Event Information
2018 Fort Myers Foodie Fest
Event Information

Saturday, April 21, 2018
Gates open: 11am
Gates close: ?
Set up: 8am - 10am

Saturday, April 21, 2018
Gates open: 11am
Gates close: ?
Set up: 8am - 10am

Vendor Registration

Vendor Information

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  • Virtually all Vendor information will be conveyed via email, including last-minute updates. Please provide an email address that is actively monitored.

Vendor Needs

  • Choose which type of space you would like to reserve, and any extras you may need such as electricity or water.
  • When you select the type of space you need, the selection table below the event map will change to the area (inside, outside, or both) you wish to utilize.
  • Additional inside spaces can be selected for $100 each.
  • Open flame (with the exception of sterno burners) is not allowed in the Lee Civic Center. Open flames must be outside with prior approval. Electric griddles, grills, warmers, ovens, microwaves, etc. are allowed. Food trucks/trailers and cooking areas will be allowed outside the Civic Center as close to the vendor's space as possible.
  • Vendors must supply their own electrical cords & water hoses.
  • All inside spaces come with one 8 foot table and 2 folding chairs. Please contact the organizer if any other provisions are needed.

Proposed Event Menu

Food Item
  • All food vendors must provide current license and insurance. No spaces will be reserved until this information has been received.
  • All food items are subject to approval. Any changes in items or prices must be approved by event organizer. Any drinks must have prior approval. Only drink items not already provided will be allowed.
  • It is suggested your food items be small "sample" type items to showcase your unique menu, priced between $3.00 - $5.00. However, there are no requirements to follow this format.
  • All requirements of the Lee County Health Department must be followed in the preparation and serving of items.

Vendor Requirements

Upload License
Upload Insurance
  • Vendor application is considered complete when the following have been received:
    1. Vendor Contract
    2. Food License and insurance
    3. Payment for space and any additional add ons.
  • If payment arrangements are necessary, please contact event organizer.
  • A $40 service charge will be assessed for any check or credit card charges returned.

Venue Floorplan

Select Your Inside Spaces

Choose one or more of the available inside spaces from the list below.

Inside Space 1
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Inside Space 18
Inside Space 19
Inside Space 20
Inside Space 21
Inside Space 22
Inside Space 23
Inside Space 24
Inside Space 25
Inside Space 26
Inside Space 27
Inside Space 28
Inside Space 29
Inside Space 30
Inside Space 31
Inside Space 32
Inside Space 33
Inside Space 34
Inside Space 35
Inside Space 36
Inside Space 37
Inside Space 38
Inside Space 39
Inside Space 40
Inside Space 41
Inside Space 42
Inside Space 43
Inside Space 44
Inside Space 45
Inside Space 46
Inside Space 47
Inside Space 48

Select Your Outside Space

Choose one of the available spaces from the list below.

Outside Space 50
Outside Space 51
Outside Space 52
Outside Space 53
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Outside Space 60
Outside Space 61
Outside Space 62
Outside Space 63
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Outside Space 65
Outside Space 66
Outside Space 67
Outside Space 68
Outside Space 69
Outside Space 70
Outside Space 71
Outside Space 72
Outside Space 73
Outside Space 74
Outside Space 75
Outside Space 76
Outside Space 77
Outside Space 78
Outside Space 79
Outside Space 80
Outside Space 81
Outside Space 82
Outside Space 83
Outside Space 84
Outside Space 85

Payment Information

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